From the Captain

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Welcome to the first newsletter of 2014. We are at that time of year again when most of us are starting to look forward to the coming season and what it may bring. The clubs are dusted off, shoes polished and for me, trousers checked to make sure they still fit after an idle winter! The thought of trying to beat your handicap, break ninety or eighty for the first time, or in my case not duff a chip in eighteen holes, has us filled with enthusiasm and hope. It may seem to some that the winter months are quiet at the club, but nothing could be further from the truth. A lot of work has gone on in the background to keep the club ticking along. You may notice that we have installed a new central heating system and the first phase of lighting replacement in the bar has also been completed. We now need to finish off with some decorating. The winter has proved challenging in terms of our work plan on the course and I believe our Greens convenor, Alan Goodwillie, now has his phone set permanently on the BBC weather app!

Our junior section has not been forgotten about either. We now have a team behind our junior convenor ,Malky Clark, who are all dedicated to bringing along new players and developing those we already have. This is an area of great importance to the club and I have high hopes for the future.

I would also like to offer all our new members a very warm welcome to the club. If I can help with anything please come along and say hello at any time.

Finally I would like to wish you all well and hope this is your best golfing year yet!

I will continue (in vain!) with the chipping practice.



At this time of year we are beginning to appreciate that it is lighter going to work in the morning and lighter coming home. We start to hear birds singing at dawn. If it ever stops raining we will soon be

pottering about the garden hauling out the lawnmowers. Conversations will recommence with neighbours we probably haven’t seen since October. But more importantly this means the golf season swings into action soon!

Normally I am as jubilant as the next member at this time of year. However my enthusiasm is being somewhat tempered by membership subscription income.

Income is the key focus at this time of year to ensure that we can finance the improvements budgeted for on the course and in the clubhouse. Our captain found it necessary to write to a considerable number of members in the middle of February who had made no payment towards their fees at all. Unfortunately we still have a number of balances outstanding. I would urge everyone to ensure they settle up by the end of this month so we know where we are for the season ahead.

Oh and if your neighbour plays golf encourage them or anyone else you know to become a member. As is customary at this time of year we have lost a number of members so new blood is essential. No one can help me with my lack of balance with a golf club in my hand but every member can help balance the books.

John Mooney


Greens Report

clip_image002Well it could have been worse; we could have been under snow all winter!

But seriously the weather, while not nearly as unkind as it was to some, has caused our winter programme to be blown somewhat off course! We lost over fifty trees with many others damaged during a couple of storms at the back end of the year. The Greens staff cut and disposed of all the damaged trees which was very labour intensive and because of this many planned tasks have been put on the back burner for the moment.

As we mentioned at the AGM, our plan was to bring in an outside contractor to modify several bunkers on the course. Unfortunately the weather has once again played its part, and work we had hoped to have completed prior to the start of the season has yet to be started as the ground conditions are unsuitable for heavy vehicles. When we get a weather window we will start this task and also remove the tree stumps left after our clear up.

Due to the incessant rainfall of late, we have closed some holes in recent weeks, to limit damage to the course.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank members for their patience and understanding during this time.

There is now considerable evidence from various courses that motorised trolleys are causing damage to very wet ground and if current conditions persist in the future, the club may have to consider doing as many other clubs do and limit the use of these trolleys during the winter months

We have planned several course maintenance days throughout the season and they are identified in the club fixture diary. Hopefully for the next newsletter I will be basking in sunshine with the winter long forgotten!!

Alan Goodwillie



First a big thank you to all members for your patience and understanding while the new central heating system was installed. As you will see, we still need a degree of redecoration, so please bear with us while this is done.

As some of you will have seen in the golfing press, Niddry Castle Golf Club have been held to be 80{e4612f2e0b317db7c29f6b0b1df1c6ffd0f7e8e183f750408aeaa37d680a24a1} responsible for an accident on their course where a visitor was hit by a golf ball and subsequently lost an eye. The judgement was that they had taken insufficient precautions to warn the visitor of the possibility of the accident. The assessment resulted in the Club having to pay compensation in excess of £200,000.

The Club Council have done their best to risk assess the course from a players point of view, but would welcome any input from members about possible hazards to any player on the course. In this day and age we cannot afford to put a handicap limit on visitors whether in a party or as an individual, so we need to recognise that there will be people playing the course who do not realise where they need to take care. All members who, by definition know the course and play regularly are subconsciously aware of the areas where there is possible danger, but visitors are not. We will be placing signs in various places where we believe there is a possible danger from errant shots, but we also need help from you, the members.

We have all done it – sliced it off the first tee, sworn quietly and gone off towards the 15th tee to look for the d….d ball. Did we shout FORE or are we going to get down there and find another player with steam coming out of their ears?

We appeal to all members and players to be aware of what they are doing and let people know if their ball is going seriously off line. Hopefully, with the other precautions we are taking, this will help to ensure that we do not face the same situation as Niddry Castle find themselves in.

In July we are hosting the SLGA Scottish Girls Open. This is a great honour for the Club and I am sure many of you remember the equivalent Boys Open which we hosted in 2006. As then we will need help in various capacities out and about round the course and hope that some members will volunteer to assist over the 3 competition days. Watch out for notices nearer the time.

We have just received the latest documents regarding the proposed merger between the SGU and the SLGA. Since the previous proposal was rejected by Members it will be interesting to see if changes have been made which reflect the concerns expressed then.


It is now only three weeks until the opening day on 29/3/14 and all competition entry sheets for our match play competitions are up on the board.

We are running four Open competitions this year. They are the Buick ladies greensomes competition, the Schawpark Trophy Ladies Open, The Jessie Mitchell Senior ladies open greensomes and the ladies Tri-am. Entry to the Open competitions to be done via the BRS system.

The first team event for the ladies is the Mail on Sunday Matchplay which will take place on Sunday 9/3/14 at Dollar Golf Club.

We look forward to a busy and enjoyable 2014 season.

Jesmond McAdam

Obituary Janice Taylor 1951 – 2014

This year Alloa Golf Club lost one of its most memorable Lady Members. A very talented golfer, Janice soon began to feature on prize lists and by the time she was forced to retire from the game she had amassed an impressive record of victories. She was Club champion on 11 occasions and won the major ladies competition, the Proctor Trophy 12 times. She was also successful twice in our Ladies Open and, accompanied by Jim Roach won the Patton Trophy 3 times.

She was a prominent member of the Stirling and Clackmannan County Ladies team for many years and won the Clackmannan Cup 5 times. She was also the SLGA East Division selector.

She was elected Captain of the Ladies section in 1995 and still holds the course record for the Ladies after the 5th and 9th tees changed positions.

Sadly with the deterioration in her health, she has not been seen around the Club for some time, but it is unlikely she will be forgotten.


Season 2013 was a successful season for a number of reasons. We are proud to say that our juniors achieved personal success in golf events at home, across the county and further afield. We also played in our first junior matches in a number of years against stiff opposition from Falkirk and Braehead Golf Clubs. We also saw;

· Junior playing membership doubled;

· 28 weekly competitions including 3 day competition during summer holidays;

· Junior team matches played;

· Junior team kit introduced;

· Section outing to Scotland Rugby international.



Season 2014

Junior Section Team 2014

clip_image006 clip_image008

Malcolm Clark William Logan

Junior Convener Junior Secretary

clip_image010 clip_image012

Alan Didcock Gregor McEwan

ClubGolf Junior Captain

Clubgolf – New in 2014

We are introducing Clubgolf to Alloa for the first time. It gives us the opportunity to introduce more children to golf in a safe, structured and fun environment with the help of trained PGA coaches. This will involve an introduction to;

  • Putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and the full swing as well as basic golf rules and etiquette in an enjoyable and challenging way.
  • 5 week coaching programme starting in late April (1 session per week).
  • £20 off first club membership – see Clubgolf website for details.

We now have 4 PGA level1 volunteer coaches and 4 helpers at the Club, but we can still use more. If you have any spare time and you would be willing to support us with Clubgolf please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss.

Go Golf

Go Golf will change to a weekly opportunity for the young golfer wanting to try golf for the first time or to continue to develop their skills.

Blue Tee Section – New for Season 2014

We want to encourage our junior members who do not feel ready to play in weekly junior competitions to come and join in on a Saturday evening and play 8 holes from the blue tees. This will take place between 4:30 and 5 pm.

· Weekly competitions – order of merit point’s format.

· Blue Section handicap

· Coaching provided by Clubgolf coaches.

· Progression to the Junior Section

Junior/Juvenile Section



Junior Team 2013

We will continue to build on the progress we have made over the past two years and provide our current junior/juvenile section with the following;

  • · Junior Team matches – all team members will have a chance to take part as long as they have a handicap.
  • · Junior Medals on a Saturday afternoon.
  • · Stableford and Strokeplay and order of merit weekly competitions
  • · Organised outings to other clubs when possible.
  • · Results in local newspaper.
  • · Facebook group for junior members only (with parents’ permission).

We would ask members to help us develop our section further so if you have a child or relative who would like to play golf bring them along and join in our developing junior section.

Could we also ask that if you have any junior clubs you are willing to donate we can put them to good use.



From Bev

clip_image015Another winter has come and gone and we can all look forward to another glorious season! Let’s hope the sun shines down on us all as it did last year.

Thanks to everyone who worked to ensure the successful installation of the new central heating and lighting systems. I’m sure you will agree that there is a big improvement.

There isn’t a great deal to report from the Bar except myself, Cathie and Michelle can’t wait for the start of the season to welcome you all back.  I’m hoping to stage a few events through the year so look out for notices around the Club and at the back of the pro shop for details.

Good Luck to all the Club teams in their games this season. I hope you all play well and have at least as much success as last year.

Until the next newsletter keep well and happy golfing!

From The Pro Shop

We are looking forward to the new season ahead and with this in mind, the Club and I are looking at ways to enhance being a member of Alloa Golf Club.

With the never ending price wars on the internet and a seemingly decreasing customer base, I have decided to offer an exclusive deal to Alloa Golf Club Members.

MEMBERS OF ALLOA GOLF CLUB WILL NOW RECEIVE A 5{e4612f2e0b317db7c29f6b0b1df1c6ffd0f7e8e183f750408aeaa37d680a24a1} DISCOUNT ON ALL PURCHASES FROM THE PROSHOP.


I understand that members are looking for the best equipment at the best prices. Unfortunately it is not always possible to have all of the products in the shop. All I ask is for the chance to try to source any product for any customer. In offering this deal I hope that members will support my business and in return I will supply them at a very competitive rate.


And Finally – an extract from Council Minutes.

‘The members expressed concern as to the length of time now being taken in many cases to complete a medal round and it was agreed that a notice be posted asking members to speed up play and at the same time observe the rules of etiquette as regards lost balls etc.’

Date 5th July 1966

Ring any bells folks??