Alloa Golf Club   Winners Season 2015

All trophies and vouchers will be presented at the Gents Dinner on Friday 6th November.

Open Competitions

Purkis Trophy                       P Maxwell (Falkirk)

Weir Trophy                          Andrew Whitelaw

Patton Trophy                       David & Jennifer Abernethy (Alloa)

Frame Trophy                                  

Alpha Trophy                        W McLuckie & W McLuckie

Westland Trophy                  Malcolm Cclark & T Stewart (Alloa)

Buick Trophy                        K Gray & B McCulloch (Greenock)


Club Competitions


Club Champion                     Aaron Paterson

Runner Up                              Phil Hendry

2nd Division Champion         Bill Downs

Runner Up                              Les Nimmo


Thomson Paton Trophy        Andy Cousins

Runner Up                             Robert Mitchell


Carlsberg Trophy                 Ed Thomas & David Douglas

Runners Up                           Willie Hatley & George Green


Jack Veitch Trophy              Willie Hatley & George Green

Runners Up                           Billy Carmichael & Ian Carmichael


JP Rankine Trophy              Alan Didcock

Runner Up                             Ian Meikle


Greenfield Trophy                John McLaren

Runner Up                             Andrew Main

Third                                     Kevin Jolly


Davie Baxter Trophy            Brain Samson & Graeme Samson

Runners Up                          Malcolm Clark & Willie Logan

Third                                    Brian Fisher & Archie Peddie


Majority Trophy                   Andrew Forbes

Runner Up                            Walter Rennie

Third                                    Barry Paterson


Presidents Prize

Scratch                                William Allison

Handicap                              Craig White


Captains Prize                     William McAinsh


Victory Trophy                     Lee Robertson

Runner Up                            Malcolm Fyall

Third                                    David McCallum


Coronation Trophy               John McLaren

Runner Up                             Stephen Keith

Third                                     Craig White


Turnbull Trophy                    John McLaren

Runner Up                              David Milloy

Third                                      Ian Ross


Withers Trophy                     Alan Glass

Runner Up                             John Fawcett

Third                                     Bill West


Annual Medal                       Andy Kennedy


Hunter Trophy                     David Milloy (65)