• Join now, for season 2017, and get the remainder of this season free.
  • Pay £100 on joining and get immediate playing rights.
  • Fees capped at Season 2016 rates.
  • One off discounts where more than 1 person joins at the same time. (Excludes Junior/Juvenile Members)

         2 joining = 5{e4612f2e0b317db7c29f6b0b1df1c6ffd0f7e8e183f750408aeaa37d680a24a1} discount.

         3 joining =7.5{e4612f2e0b317db7c29f6b0b1df1c6ffd0f7e8e183f750408aeaa37d680a24a1} discount.

         4 or more joining = 10{e4612f2e0b317db7c29f6b0b1df1c6ffd0f7e8e183f750408aeaa37d680a24a1} discount.

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORIES (ages as at 31st December 2016)

Ordinary                              (30 years or over.)                                                                    £599

Weekday                             (Weekdays Monday – Friday)                                                    £490

Country                               (Lives 20 miles or more from Alloa Golf Club)                           £395

Intermediate                       (Over 21 & under 30 years.)                                                      £490

Intermediate (Student)      (18 to 21 years or under 30 and in full time education)             £300

Community                      Means Tested Membership for those on low incomes                 £460


Free membership for up to 2 Juveniles/Juniors joining with an Adult Member.


Pay £100 on application. Then pay £100 in December 2016 and balance by 2 equal amounts payable by end February and end March 2017. A facility to pay the balance by Monthly Direct Debit is also available.

For further information please contact The Professional, Alloa Golf Club, Schawpark, Sauchie, FK10 3AX. Tel 01259 724476 or email enquiries@alloagolfclub.co.uk.

Application forms are available at the Pro-shop and can be downloaded below.